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Welcome to Energy Arts Services


Many years ago, I set up Energy Arts Services to provide a way to clear Geopathic Stress under an area of land, to clear energy on the surface of that land, space-clear inside the buildings on the land, while finally providing an (optional) energy-clear for those people living in the buildings on that land. Top to toe service…
The work is done ‘remotely’ (i.e. at a distance) using simple floor plans and google maps…which is great because we get to work with amazing people and projects all over the world. Its such an entire adventure!

…Well, yes dear, thats all very nice, but whatever are you on about? Is this work scientifically proven , or is it just a bunch of New Age hoo-hoo?
…So glad you asked! : its a combination of roughly one-third Science, and two-thirds Invisible-Mysteries-of-the-Universe that work together to provide a tangible, often dramatic, see-it feel-it Result. And the result is all that matters, really, isn’t it? It works. Watch how plant growth improves, animals chill out and people fret less, feel and sleep better. Spreading kindness becomes an easier option.

So, here (as Jennifer Aniston used to say) is the Science bit:

When land is geopathically stressed, the electromagnetic frequencies it emits are at odds with the frequencies our bodies emit, and that can play havoc with our immune systems, nervous systems, sleep patterns, attitudes, behaviour and ultimately our consciousness. Science box ticked.
Now lets discuss the dynamics of Invisible Stuff. Things that all of us know already, but most of us were never taught…

Land, water, buildings, the tissues of our bodies and our human hearts all have something in common: they hold memory, or the energy of memory. Often that memory can be fiercely traumatic. Just how much can an area, a town, a building ..or a person can become clobbered and stuck by past traumatic events? What if some of that trauma could lighten up a little, replaced by a swoop of grace? What would that look like? What would happen if it did? Shall we see?

This work can be used on any place, in any situation, to help facilitate the healing of any number of issues. Some of the places we’ve worked on include:

A monastery, a bakery, a shipyard, a school,

the fourth-largest rubbish dump in the world,

healing centres, farmland, businesses,

sites where genocide, violence and poverty occur,

refugee and aid organisations, orphanages,

and homes of every size, shape, colour and energetic state.

Since there is so much media baloney about energy healing, spirits, ‘exorcisms’ and the like, I’ve decided to post a lot of discussion-inducing information on this site. If thats of interest, please join me here. And if you want loads more info right this very minute, please check out the website at:¬†¬†Thanks and be well! x Ariel